Western Plant Health

A redesign to shed light on the importance of crop protection and maintaining healthy plants


Having recently redesigned their logo, Western Plant Health (WPH) was looking to revamp their website to reflect their new look. WPH is an association that promotes producing high quality foods, fibers, and horticultural product through environmentally safe processes.

The challenge

Aside from giving the website a fresh new look, WPH ultimately wanted their new site to be a platform where they could educate the public about food safety and share their views on various issues surrounding crop protection.

The process

Strategy > Wireframe > Screen Designs > Build


Renee Pinel


  • Strategy
  • Wireframes
  • Website Development

Link to website


Laying out the new website

I wanted the new WPH website to be easy to navigate, so I reorganized the content and created new pages to fit under the four pillars I established for the navigation.

Wireframes and Design

The style tile for this project was created by another designer. I used elements from her design to develop the layout for my wireframes. I made sure to include elements such as the red banned of text and icons in the layout.

The Solution

My goal for the homepage was to create a layout that invited the public to learn about food safety and crop protection . By highlighting the association’s three core principles, the public is able to get an insight as to how producing plants in an environmentally manner can impact plants, people, and the planet; the public is also introduced to the association and what they are about.

Through the use of friendly imagery, vibrant colors, and a simplified navigation, I created WPH a website that complimented the fresh new look of their logo.

Keeping the public up to date

An important component that was added to the website, was the news page. The news page is a space that WPH can use to share their views on issues concerning crop protection and food safety. Additionally, the page can serve as a tool to draw more people to the website.

Built with the client in mind

I built the entire website using Beaver Builder. One of the main reasons for building the website in this manner, is to ensure that the client will be able to make changes to the website on their own. When I’m developing the pages, I always save out template pages that the client can use as a starting point.

Designed for Mobile

The website revamp would not be complete without it being responsive. I adapted the layout to ensure it looked good on all devices.