Thrive with ADHD

Designing a website to spread awareness and provide aid


Having recently began her small coaching business, Leslies Morris needed a website to promote her services and educate the public about ADHD. Thrive with ADHD is a coaching service that teaches students with ADHD how to establish good learning habits as well as teaching parents how to help their children.

The challenge

Leslie wanted her website to be a welcoming place where people could get to know her and could learn about the coaching services she provides. Her main ask for the website, was that it have a way for people to sign up for a consultation.

My process

Strategy > Wireframes > Style Development > Screen Design > Build


Leslie Morris


  • Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Website Build

Link to website

Sticky notes are my friends

Most of the wireframes that I create for websites begin with sticky notes. They are a quick and easy way to play with different layouts. For this website, I developed a layout that would be flexible with Leslie’s content and copy.

Bright, friendly, and creative

Leslie had a couple of set ideas as to what she wanted her website to look like. She wanted her website to use the bright colors of her logo and to incorporate the connection pattern in the background.

The Solution

My intentions when designing this homepage was to developed a page that forced on introducing visitors to ADHA and presenting Leslie’s coaching services as an aid. Each highlighted service links to an internal page where visitors can obtain more information as well as schedule a consultation.

Colorful but not busy

To avoid making the website look too busy with all the bright colors, I kept the layout of the pages simple. Using white backgrounds helped give the website a cleaner and airy look.

Editing made easy

I want the client to feel comfortable editing their website, so I make sure to build it in a way that doesn’t require much effort to edit. Since Leslie would be adding more blogs to her website, I set up a layout that would format and style each blog the same way.