Quest Technology Management

A redesign to help establish some structure to a growing website


The frustration of getting lost in their own website pushed Quest Technology Management to want to redesign their site. Quest Technology Management is a company of IT professional that provide reliable technology and customized plans to help companies avoid an IT disaster.

The challenge

The challenge for this project was to re-organize the website to make it functional for the client and its users, while maintaining all of the original pages.

My process

Strategy > Wireframes > Style Development > Screen Design


Barbara Klide


  • Sitemap and Strategy
  • Wireframes
  • Website Design

Link to website

Changing tactics

Reorganizing the Quest website was a massive task that required me to use a different method when establishing the site’s new structure. I led an exercise called card sorting with the Quest Team, in which they grouped and categorized the webpages into buckets. The end result was this sitemap.

Developing a style

I played with Quest’s colors and imagery to create a style that fit with their brand. I added elements, such as the subtle line pattern on the blue background, to compliment the logo and add more interest.

The Solution

My goal for this redesign was to create a website that was easy to navigate and use. I sought to achieve this by creating a simple navigation that highlighted what Quest has to offer and how they can help. Additionally, I incorporated a search button at the top of the page to allow users to search the site for specific information.

Keeping information organized

Another component that I added to the website to help facilitate the task of finding information was creating a resource page. The resource page allows the client to easily find blogs, solutions briefs, and white papers. They can keep the resources organized by tagging them with categories.

A flexible design

Given the large size of the website, I focused on creating a design that was adaptable to all the different pages on the website.