Performance Technology Partners

A redesign to provide clarity and guidance to customer on what PTP can do for them


Performance Technology Partners (PTP) felt that their old website was not clearly communicating to its visitors what they offered, so they decided to redesign their website. As a professional service firm, PTP provides customer service solutions that can reduce operational costs and improve customer satisfaction.

The challenge

The challenge for the project was to design PTP a new website that was easy to navigate, modern looking, and highlighted the value of PTP. I was tapped to tackled this big project and I gladly accepted it.

My process

Wireframe > Style Development > Screen Design > Build


Mark Pendolino


  • Wireframes
  • Website Design
  • Website Development/Build

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To the drawing board

In order to get a better understanding of how to structure the new PTP website, a meeting was set up with the client to go over his goal for the website. A two and a half meeting resulted in the production of these wireframes.

Designing for the brand

The style tiles I created for PTP were design using the companies brand colors, fonts, and imagery. Adding an overlaying pattern to the images was important to the client. They wanted something that was symbolic of the connection PTP helps customers create with their own clients.

The Solution

The final design that I developed for PTP ultimately captured who PTP is and what they can do for their customers. Developing a layout that highlighted the customers problem, helped present PTP as a guide to the customers’ frustrations. Showcasing the ways in which PTP has help customers, helped provide value to their service as well as validation. Finally, the design guides customers to take action by presenting them with a 3 step plan and directing them to schedule an assessment.

Through the use of a dark header images at the top and muted backgrounds at the bottom, I was able to create a design that worked well with PTP’s orange, without making it look too overwhelming.

Optimize for Devices

With any redesign, it is essential that the new website be responsive and look good on all devices. I made sure that the design for tablet and mobile maintained the clean and airy look displayed on desktop view.

Designers can build too (with a little help)

Aside from designing the website, I was also given the big task of building it. Luckily, I didn’t have to code anything. Through the use of a Wordpress plugin called Beaver Builder, I was able to build every page on my own. This tool allowed me to execute my design to tee.

Facilitating the process for the client

To ease the process of creating new pages, I developed several page layouts that I linked to sections of the website, such as the blog pages. In doing so, the client can easily create an new post and not have to worry about the styling the page.