Ocean View Flowers

A website redesign that transformed an outdated website into a beautiful showcase tool


Ocean View Flowers (OVF) was looking to redesign their website with the hopes of making it more modern and useful to their buyers. Ocean View Flowers is a California flower farm that uses sustainable practices to produce fresh flowers and foliage for wholesale and retail buyers.

The challenge

As the head web designer of the project, I was tasked with the challenge of developing a new website that enabled buyers to easily find the flowers they needed. The OVF team also asked that the design be adaptable for all devices, especially mobile.

My process

Wireframe > Style Development > Screen Design


Dan Vordale, Suzanne Mohamed


  • Wireframes
  • Website Design

Link to website


Mobile First

Given the importance of having the website look good on mobile, I decided to create the website in mobile view first. When wireframing this website, I put a lot of focus on how to organize and present the flowers.

Developing a Style

The client asked me to develop a style that reflected the clean, modern, and feminine look of their new logo. I sought to achieve this creating a design that incorporated a bright color pallet that complemented the logo’s color as well as adding a simple floral pattern to add some softness and femininity.

The Solution

The design that I developed for OVF’s website speaks to the amazing product this farm has to offer, By creating a layout that relies heavily on large images and white space, I was able to create a design that showcases OVF’s beautiful flowers.

Searching made easy

To facilitate the process of looking for a flower, I designed a catalog page that showcased all the flowers in alphabetical order. I also incorporated a filtering tool into the design so buyers can search for flowers based on color and availability.

Experimenting with an app design

The mobile design of OVF’s website encouraged the client to want to create an app that buyers could use to place their orders. Using the same styling of the website, I developed a design for their app. Due to financial issues, the app did not get built, but it was a great experience that allow me to experiment with app design.